How To Use LipGlam

LipGlam is more than just a lip balm, it’s an amazing multipurpose beauty product! You can use LipGlam in lots of different ways to take care of all your beauty needs, from chapped lips to dry hands and unruly brows.

It’s a really hardworking product and a real lifesaver for your handbag – no matter what life throws at you, LipGlam will keep you looking gorgeous and feeling great!

Using LipGlam as a lip balm is simple, but this page will show you how to use LipGlam in lots of different ways. It is important to remember that lanolin is a natural product and it can become stiff in cold weather. This means that LipGlam may be a little difficult to squeeze from the tube when it is cold. However it softens up very quickly – simply hold the tube in your hand and squeeze it gently before removing the lid.

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How to…..use as a Lip Primer

If you love wearing lipstick, you’ll know that lip colour always looks best when your lips are well cared for. LipGlam helps to keep your lips soft, smooth and moisturized.

We recommend massaging a little LipGlam into your lips a before applying lipstick. Use the applicator (or a clean fingertip) to gently massage the balm into every part of your lips.

This will ensure complete moisturization and increase blood flow to the area, which optimizes skin healing and regeneration. Your lips should now be fully moisturized and ready for your favourite lip colour.

How to…..use on Dry Skin

LipGlam’s moisturising properties are ideal for use on dry skin, including hands, elbows or persistent dry skin patches anywhere. LipGlam can also be used for temporary relief from itching due to dry skin.

You can apply LipGlam to dry skin straight from the tube, or apply it with a clean finger tip . Remember to start off with a fairly small amount of LipGlam as a little goes a long way.

How to…..use on Split Ends

The natural lanolin in LipGlam makes it ideal for soothing split ends. It moisturizes the split hair shaft and helps protect the hair from further damage.

You can also use LipGlam to smooth down flyaway hairs around your hairline and keep your hair neat on the go.
To use LipGlam on split ends, hold the hair to be treated in one hand and squeeze a small amount of LipGlam onto your fingertips. Rub your fingertips together to spread out the balm, then wipe your fingers tother the ends of your hair. This will leave a thin coating of LipGlam on your hair – just enough to smooth the ends.

To smooth flyaways, simply squeeze a small amount of LipGlam onto your fingers and smooth the hair down.

How to…..use as a Cuticle Cream

Your cuticles’ main function are to protect the nail bed from damage and infection. If the cuticle becomes dry and torn, your overall nail health may suffer. LipGlam’s hydrating power makes it an ideal cuticle cream, especially as part of a home manicure.

To use LipGlam as a cuticle cream, simply massage a small amount of LipGlam into your cuticles one by one. Be sure to include the nail and the skin on either side. Spend a minute massaging each cuticle and nail fully. This will increase blood flow to the area, strengthening your nails and making them less likely to split. Do this regularly to keep your nails looking and feeling beautiful.

How to…..use on your Eyebrows

LipGlam makes an excellent alternative to brow gel. Brow gel is used to smooth and moisturize your eyebrows, taming unruly hairs and creating a neater, fuller-looking brow.

To use LipGlam on your eyebrows, use a fingertip to apply a small amount of balm to your brows. Smooth the LipGlam onto each eyebrow, to the hairs lie flat and along the length of the brow. Remember that you only need a tiny amount!