About us

LipGlam was developed against a principle that beauty products should be simple and natural, so in 2014 we launched “LipGlam”; our signature all-natural lanolin lip balm.
We believe that natural goodness and real beauty go hand in hand so instead of relying on complex synthetic products, we want to promote simple beauty products that empower your inner glam.

Since its launch, the conversation around LipGlam has steadily grown and the product has been featured in many complimentary press articles and has been successfully placed in a variety of Beauty industry awards.

At the end of 2022, the journey changed direction slightly and the new owners – three sisters – acquired LipGlam with focus on 4 key pillars: –

  1. Maintaining and developing a ‘natural’ approach and increasing the sustainability of its products
  2. Broadening the product range across various beauty sectors
  3. Keeping the premium quality approach to its products and packaging.
  4. Manufacturing its products in the UK, in the family business

So, in 2023 the new LipGlam is launched with a new packaging, removing some plastic and view reducing overall packaging weight by 40%.

This is the start of putting our footprint onto the path towards more sustainable beauty and we are committed to bringing you the best beauty products that combine high-quality natural ingredients with easy glamour.
Products that are easy to use and work with your skin to reveal healthy beauty that just shines through.
We’d love you to join us on our journey as we roll out our expanded product range going forward and spread the word that natural glamour comes from within!

Lot of love
The (new!) LipGlam Team x